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The Magıc of Beıng

Five natural lakes, extensive forest areas, fertile fields and extensive vineyards give this region a divine touch and form the ideal setting for rest and relaxation.

Ephesus Retreat is situated in the midst of history and heritage of different cultures. The Selçuk region is known to be home to the ancient city of Ephesus, where the ancient goddess Artemis (influenced by the Anatolian goddess Cybele) was worshiped.

The same place served as a place of pilgrimage for Christians and they still visit the house of the Virgin Mary to pray and receive blessings. Stories say that she is said to have spent her last days there and died.

For thousands of years, seekers and artists have been called to this place to find wisdom and knowledge, mystery, community life and inspiration, and to encounter the ancestral energy and stories that vibrate alive to our day!

Ephesus Retreat is not suitable for people with physical limitations.